1. Multi-currency banking

    Support for foreign currency bank accounts. Yay!

  2. Employment Allowance

    Support for the £2K Employment Allowance scheme

  3. Better Report flexibility

    Choose dates for the Trial Balance and Balance Sheet reports

  4. Email templates for estimates

    Set up default email templates for your new estimates

  5. Select bank account when invoicing

    Choose which bank account details you'd like displayed on invoices

  6. PayPal Here

    Take payments on the go with the PayPal Here device

  7. Bank explain redesign

    A completely redesigned interface for explaining bank transactions

  8. Journal sets

    A redesigned, faster interface for adding sets of journal entries

  9. Self Assessment filing for Ltds

    Allow filing of self assessment returns for Limited Company directors.

  10. Multiple projects on invoices

    Add more than one project to an invoice