1. Redesigned referrals page

    More information on who've you've referred on this redesigned screen

  2. Multiple projects on invoices

    Add more than one project to an invoice

  3. Disposal of capital assets

    Allow capital assets to be disposed

  4. Flexible Aged Debtor/Creditor reports

    Custom date ranges for Aged Debtor/Creditor reports

  5. iOS app

    A native iOS companion app for FreeAgent - invoices an expenses to start

  6. New account/settings nav

    Nothing fancy, just a tidier way of accessing account related stuff

  7. Bank explain redesign

    A completely redesigned interface for explaining bank transactions

  8. Support for VAT MOSS

    Handle sales made under VAT MOSS

  9. Payroll dashboard

    A new dashboard to better manage your payroll

  10. Login with Google+

    Log in to FreeAgent with Google+