1. Support VAT Reverse Charge

    For when you are buying services from the EU

  2. Payments on Account

    Fully model Payments on Account and display on the Tax Timeline

  3. Generate P60s

    Generate P60s and other Payroll enhancements

  4. Employment Allowance

    Support for the £2K Employment Allowance scheme

  5. Hide Bank accounts

    Hide your unused bank accounts from view

  6. Payroll RTI Earlier Year Update

    Make corrections in previous years through RTI

  7. PayPal Here

    Take payments on the go with the PayPal Here device

  8. Multi-currency banking

    Support for foreign currency bank accounts. Yay!

  9. Self Assessment filing for Ltds

    Allow filing of self assessment returns for Limited Companies.

  10. Date ranges for Reports

    Choose a date range for the Trial Balance and Balance Sheet reports